Thursday, May 19, 2016

"What's trending?" THURSDAY

The time before end of course exams is one of the most important you can spend with a student. You are summarizing all of the Mathematical information from an entire year into only a week or less depending on your May calendar. I have used these mini booklets for years with my students and recently published this one for fifth grade. It's one of my End of Year Review Mini Booklets that are trending right now and will help your students review before the year end exam!

End of Year Math Review Mini Booklet {Grade 5}This End of Year Math Review is intended to help students understand how to answer assessment questions based on the fifth grade Common Core State Standards. Students also review key vocabulary words and assess their understanding of all fifth grade Common Core State Benchmarks.     

Included are:

-60 CCSS Math Review Questions

-Teacher facilitated activity for 60-90 minutes of classroom time or Independent Activity for Students as Bellwork, Classwork, or Homework to review for CCSS exam

-Vocabulary Review

-Student Self Assessment

-NO PREP Print & GO! Mini Booklet


-Topics Covered:
Place Value
Dividing Whole Numbers
Operations with Decimals
Operations with like Fractions
Operations with unlike Fractions
Finding Patterns in Math

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