Monday, November 17, 2014

Become a TPT Seller

Now you can earn money from your lesson plans by becoming a seller on TeachersPayTeachers. Don't waste a minute. Read this blog post and sign up today! You don't want to regret it later.

Why I became a TPT Seller
Just like you probably are on a team of fabulous teachers at your school. I was making lesson plans and sharing them with my awesome team. Then one day a friend from my graduate studies showed me her TPT store. My mind was blown! I could share my materials with others and earn more things for my classroom plus get more lesson plans from others? It was too good to be true. So I started posting one lesson plan one month at a time. I never knew it could grow and I could help other teachers. If you have amazing lesson plans to share, please share them on TPT!

Here's how it works:
    If you just want to buy or download products on TpT, sign up for a free Standard Membership account. You'll be able to purchase from any TpT seller.

    If you'd like to sell your own products on TpT, there are two main types of accounts. Both offer the same functionality—the ability to offer products for sale and free download. But the two accounts have different royalty structures.
  • A Seller Upgrade account is free, but you will be charged a small fee for each transaction:


  • With a Premium Seller Upgrade account, you pay $59.95 per year, but there is no fee for transactions. You also earn a higher royalty rate:



To start, use this link when you sign up for your first Basic or Premium seller's membership: CLICK HERE  and tell them Kelly McCown sent you! ;-)

Happy TpT-ing!

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