Thursday, August 6, 2015

Middle School Math Stations: The Mega Bundle

Middle School Math Stations: The Mega Bundle

I have always used Math Stations in my classroom and enjoy having the students guide their own learning process. Being able to facilitate a classroom of students and not have to micromanage every station is great! These Math Stations have helped my classroom, so I'm sharing them with you!

This Middle School Math Station MEGA Bundle is a GROWING Bundle! What that means is….once you buy this Bundle any new math station added is FREE to you! The earlier you buy this Bundle, the more $$$ you will save! This Bundle will always be 25% OFF the original price of all total math stations. You will receive a notification when new math stations are added and you just simply click “download” again!

Included so far are the following Math Stations:

 *Grade 6:
Math Stations: Integers
Math Stations: Factors & Multiples Added 8/5/2015

*Grade 7:
Math Stations: Adding & Subtracting Integers

*Grade 8: Math Stations: Real Numbers
Math Stations: Exponents & Scientific Notation Added 8/6/15

I will be updating this Bundle weekly with new stations, so the earlier you buy the more FREE math stations you will receive!! I know you will enjoy these stations with your students as they have helped my students.

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Happy Teaching!

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