Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Activity: Writing & Solving Inequalities

Every year my students struggle with writing and solving inequalities. I created this activity to help them bridge the gap between the concepts and the word problems. Some of the problems that I noticed that students would have were wording in the word problem, translating words to algebra, and finally solving the inequality. Students get the basic inequalities x < 4 or y > 5. It's when there's an equal sign too, two operations in an inequality, and words that students need practice. This activity helped my students and I hope it will help yours too!

Today I posted a new Common Core Lesson Plan on Teachers Pay Teachers titled "Writing & Solving Inequalities".

This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to use variables to represent quantities in a real-world or mathematical problem, and construct simple equations and inequalities to solve problems by reasoning about the quantities. Students should also be able to solve word problems leading to inequalities, graph the solution set of the inequality, and interpret it in the context of the problem. Included in this lesson are:
-one formative assessment (pre-test) task
-card sort activity with concept development of variables and inequalities
-one extension activity for students to deepen their conception of inequalities
-one summative assessment (post-test) task
-answer keys for all the assessments and activities

-how the lesson is tied to common core and mathematical practices

Click HERE for Writing & Solving Inequalities.

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