Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer is in FULL swing!

Summer is in full swing! I'm keeping very busy with my two kids under two. I'm so sad I won't be able to attend the TPT conference today and tomorrow over on Disney property. We just have too much going on with over 2,000 miles driving in a car with babies, 4 birthdays, 2 round-trip 2 hour plane trips, 2 trips to the zoo, 1 wedding anniversary to celebrate and 1 wedding that I'm a bridesmaid for {yay!}. I'm sure there's more I left out but we are jam packed with lots, I've learned that you prioritize your family life first and then everything after. If you don't have time for it that's okay. Do it later or not at all! Life's too short to stress friends.

With that said, I have been busy with getting my new website up and running. The release date is TBA. Yesterday we went to take photos for and it was great! My son {who is turning 2 YEARS OLD this week} also had his pictures taken. He had to warm up to be the smiling cutie.

Also I am busy with my new series of Interactive Math Notebooks. I will be releasing Grade 7 later this week! It's also a growing bundle just like Grade 6 Bundle available HERE:

Visit my store for more activities:

Happy Teaching!

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