Friday, June 3, 2016

End of Year BINGO Review Game - Grade 6

My students love end of the year games in Math class. Whether its the Game Board Project or just a fun review game, it's always a hit with my students. After all, who doesn't love a good fun game? I've posted the 6th grade version of the End of Year Review Math BINGO Game on TPT this week.

End of Year Math Review BINGO Game {Grade 6}

This End of Year Math Review BINGO Game is intended to help students understand how to answer assessment questions based on the sixth grade Common Core State Standards.

Included are:

-48 COLORED calling cards

-48 Black & White calling cards

-1 Blank Bingo Card for Students to Create & Fill out with the Answers Provided (with workspace provided)

-Teacher facilitated activity for 60-90 minutes of classroom time

-NO PREP Print & GO!


-Topics Covered:
Number Patterns
Statistics & Graphs
Operations with Decimals
Operations with Fractions
Ratios & Rates
Perimeter, Area, & Volume
Algebra & Equations

CLICK HERE to view:

I also have a 5th grade version of the End of Year Review BINGO Game. Visit my store for more activities:

Happy Teaching!

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