Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Alphabet NO PREP Watches

My son is learning the alphabet and we are enjoying this stage of learning. He loves letters and this little set of watches was a HIT with him! {Sometimes boys are harder to impress with activities, but this one was a keeper!}

All you have to do is Cut & Color! It's a NO PREP activity that helps celebrate learning letters all day long. As the day progressed we kept referencing this letter A. I'm excited to use this every week and hopefully learn how to say all 26 letters in 26 weeks is our goal. I'll let you know how we progress.

These Alphabet NO PREP Watches for Pre-K & Kinders includes a watch for each letter of the Alphabet {Letters A to Z}. Each Alphabet watch engages the students to learn their letters and words that start with those letters.
Included in this packet:

-Over 100 different Alphabet watches

-Watches for all the Letters A to Z

-Practice for reading letters

-Practice for letter recognition

-Practice for Capital and lowercase letter recognition

-Kid friendly text


-Ready to Print & GO!

Alphabet NO PREP Watches

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Happy Teaching!

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