Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lunch Detentions: Reflection Prompts for your students to complete during a 20-minute lunch

Let's face it, Lunch Detentions are not fun for students or teachers. Students do not want to face the consequences of their actions and teachers do not want to be punished during their precious lunch time. So what's a teacher to do? Have a file folder prepared with NO PREP Lunch Detention Reflection Prompts!

I have published my Lunch Detention Prompts in an easy to download PDF file on TPT. There are 20 NO PREP Prompts for easy Print & GO! Also there is one fill in the prompt for you to be specific about what you would like the student to write about. I have also included teacher tips to help you have a great lunch and for the student to complete their reflection prompt. Click HERE to view:

Also if you haven't already downloaded it, I have a freebie on TPT for Lunch Detention referrals. This is a word document form that you can fill out specifically to your student in less than 1 minute and print from your computer! Click HERE to download:

As always, if you purchase within the first 48 hours the product is live it is 50% OFF! Visit my store for more activities:

Happy Teaching! Only 3 more teaching days in May!

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