Monday, May 9, 2016

9 Strategies for Surviving the Last 9 Weeks of School #7, 8 & 9

Thank you for continuing to read this series! Here's #7, 8, and 9 in my blog series "9 Strategies for Surviving the Last 9 Weeks of School".

Tip #7: Share the workload!

You probably are tired and done with being overworked. By May I want to simplify my work life instead of put more on my plate. So share the workload! Either with a colleague or another teacher on TPT. Get help, it's out there! I like to get my help from other teachers at my school and the community of TPT teachers. There are resources to help pull you through and finish strong!
About TpT
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Tip #8: Leave work at school!

You probably have grading to do and it will be like that until the last day of school. Think about other options for trading and grading activities in class or one large end of school project with only 1 BIG grade or a couple grades attached. I do 1 BIG grade project that takes 2-3 weeks depending on students, schedules, and timelines. I love it, the kids love it, and the principals LOVE watching the students engaged in the Math too!
End of Year Math Game Board Project
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Tip #9: Have FUN!

If you have a Field Day at your school, plan to have fun ALL day! No PREP easy day to enjoy with your students. I love using this puzzle packet to help my students enjoy the day and do a little Math too! ;-)

Field Day NO PREP Number Puzzles {Grades 6 to 8}
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Happy Teaching!

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