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9 Strategies for Surviving the Last 9 Weeks of School #4

Thank you for continuing to read along! Here's #4 in my blog series "9 Strategies for Surviving the Last 9 Weeks of School".

Tip #4: Planning for grading!

You probably already have a grading system in place, but in case you don't I'm going to share my grading system and also some other helpful tips for grading during the last nine weeks. We're almost at the finish line, you know who the students are that won't turn in their work or need an easy grade to pass. Make them work for it and make it easy for you too!

Editable Math Syllabus: Guidelines for Success
1.) I have shared my syllabus on TPT and included are the grading rubrics I follow for homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests. It's very simple and easy to follow. I give this to my students at the beginning of the year and refresh their memory of the expectations at the beginning of every quarter. It's a helpful tool that keeps the expectations for grading in my classroom fair.

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Daily Math Bellwork Answer Sheet with Rubric
2.) Easiest grading system to implement is a daily review problem "Bellwork Problem" with my students. The easy grading rubric is attached on the paper for showing work versus not showing work. Easy 10 point grading scale. I have used this for almost 10 years and it's so simple for the students and parents to understand how and why their classwork grade is what it is. This rubric makes my life easier daily. I only grade it once every 2 weeks!! YES! That's one less grade a week to record. :-)

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Pre-Algebra BIG 25 Quiz A to D3.) The last grading system I'm going to share I use every Wednesday on "short day" when school periods are like 30 minutes. Students take this quiz, grade it, and it's an instant grade! The best part is it's SO easy to grade because the students "trade and grade" and it's easy to recheck with the format of the worksheets. I'm still working on getting my whole set on TPT, but here are four of the quizzes that I use. I LOVE THESE! Great for review every week. I always get asked "How do your kids have the highest scores in the school?" and my reply is "Repetition, practice, and review". These simple quizzes make that possible!

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Come back next week for #5: Avoiding the Sunday Blues!

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