Thursday, April 21, 2016

9 Strategies for Surviving the Last 9 Weeks of School #6

Thank you for continuing to read this series! Here's #6 in my blog series "9 Strategies for Surviving the Last 9 Weeks of School".

Tip #6: Leaving School Early!

You probably have had to stay late for a reason or two. Plans to do, things to copy, classrooms to clean, and the list goes on. Well I'm telling you STOP. When the kids leave school, leave with them or shortly after them. Staying late at school only makes me more tired, weary, and not want to come back the next day. So just STOP it! Instead, use your time wisely. Here are some ways I use my time wisely to leave when the school bell rings!!

Editable Weekly & Monthly School Planners
1.) I have ONE planner for my daily routine. It's editable so you can make it fit your classroom schedule too. I write down exactly what I have to do every day and cross it off when it's done. It's helpful for me in that I can visualize what I need to accomplish, finish, and do that day or for the week ahead. I use the weekly planner every day and it keeps me organized so that I can leave with the kiddos!
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Labels to Organize! {Bright Stripes}
2.) I create my own, but here is a great set of labels {NO PREP} ready to go! Use these labels in your classroom to organize things so you don't have to look for them later. This helps with planning ahead. It's a cause and effect thing. Planning ahead leads to leaving early! Win win!!
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 Come back next week for #7: Sharing the workload!

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Happy Teaching!

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