Monday, March 28, 2016

9 Strategies for Surviving the Last 9 Weeks of School #2

Thank you for continuing to read along! Here's #2 in my blog series "9 Strategies for Surviving the Last 9 Weeks of School".

Tip #2: Planning for a Substitute!

It's the last nine weeks, you might need a mental health or two by now. Plan ahead for a substitute just in case you want to be able to call out at the last minute. I always have a folder in the top drawer of my desk with emergency sub plans. We also are required by my school to give them to the grade level secretary. It makes life easier for everyone if you just prep and print for 10 minutes!
Substitute Teacher Lesson Plan
1.) Substitute Lesson Plans: This helps me to visualize what is going to happen in my classroom with the substitute. It's very easy to read and I've received LOTS of compliments on this SUBSTITUTE LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE! All of my principals have always complimented how EASY it was for the substitute to read. Sub plans do not need to be tedious and students should know your expectations even when you are not there. Click HERE to view:

Common Core Summer FUN NO PREP Math Activities
2.) Easy NO PREP Math Worksheets. I always leave two things for my students to accomplish. First a page from the Math textbook to complete and second a worksheet. The substitute may not understand how to tell students to do both, but if I leave two things to do it will keep the students busy for the substitute. If the students are not kept busy they will find other things to occupy their time and I would rather them spend their math time wisely. Here are some of the Math Worksheets I use at the end of the year. Click HERE to view:

Come back next week for #3: Preparing your students for the End of Course Exams!

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Happy Teaching!

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