Thursday, October 29, 2015

NO PREP Middle School Math Foldables

Foldables are so easy to incorporate into any Math curriculum. I use foldables at least two times a week in my math classes. They help students to scaffold information that is new to them and organizes it in a way that is easy and attainable for students to understand. Creating foldables provides structure, engages the students in active note taking (which is a skill that students need to practice, practice, practice!), and it is an easy way to differentiate your instruction. For example when I use foldables in one class they may need more examples so I add more to their notes (foldables), and if another class understands the concepts and doesn't need more examples then the notes have less examples than the other. It all depends on the needs of your class. For other students that have IEPs and accomodations I provide scaffolding notes that give structure and allow students to fill in the blanks in their foldable instead of creating the whole foldable by themselves. This technique helps students get the information without being overwhelmed or left behind the pace of the class. There are many more ways why you should use Foldables and I hope you enjoy the Foldables I have to share with you today.

I have two Bundles of Foldables on TPT that are exciting, as they are GROWING bundles! What that means is the sooner you purchase the bundle, the more FREE foldables you will receive. Yes FREE foldables! Check them out!

Grade 6 Middle School Math Foldables Bundle
Middle School Math Foldables: Grade 6 BUNDLE

Grade 7 Middle School Math Foldables Bundle
Middle School Math Foldables: Grade 7 BUNDLE

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