Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy First Day of Spring!

I love Spring. It's everything in bloom, new, and fresh beginnings. It's a time to reflect for a week on Spring Break about your teaching for the year and how you are going to wrap things up! I like to take just one afternoon on Spring Break to review, revise, and revisit how I'm going to wrap up my school year. Planning is essential to ending on a good note.

1. REVIEW: Look at where you have been with your students. What have you taught or instructed upon?

2. REVISE: Look at what didn't work so well in your classroom. What lesson did the students just not get or scratch their heads?

3. REVISIT: Plan to revisit these areas of concern after the break from school. What do the students need to know in order to pass the state exam or end of course test?

These three areas are always good reflecting points when looking at your teaching and where it needs to go for the students. It's not about you, it's about THE STUDENTS, what do they need?

If you are charging up and getting ready to "Spring" into action when you get back from the break. Think about what new and exciting activities you can incorporate for your students. They're ready for summer and so are you. ;-) I have some new FREE activities so please visit my store for more activities:

Happy Teaching!

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