Sunday, February 15, 2015

FREE Bulletin Board Ideas

 One of my favorite things as an undergraduate studying Education was making Bulletin Boards. It slowly became one of my least favorite things over the years of teaching. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE BEAUTIFUL BULLETIN BOARDS. I appreciate a well accomplished board, but the time it takes to make one can sometimes consume me! So I have taken the approach after many years of "coming to terms" with what I can and cannot do. I can make a bulletin board pretty and it doesn't have a to take a lot of time. What's my secret?'s simple. Student work. Yes that's right! Student work. If you showcase their work that is actually DONE and GREAT, then the students have done the work for you!

I have many FREE sources on my TPT page that you can use when making your Student Work Bulletin Board. I love these and use these every month! I have Bulletin Board themes for months and seasons. When I have a student assistant it is definitely easier to do month by month, but when I don't have that luxury I just change my board from season to season. It's still RELEVENT and the students always LOVE showing off THEIR work. It doesn't matter your age, you always like to be appreciated and honored with a job well done! This is one of my favorite teaching tips. User beware though, if a student NEVER has his/her work shown this may not work to your advantage. Make sure you are in tune to who you PRAISE and look for new opportunities to PRAISE students.

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