Friday, January 2, 2015

New Activity: Writing & Solving Expressions with Exponents

Today I posted a new Common Core Lesson Plan on Teachers Pay Teachers titled "Writing & Solving Expressions with Exponents". This is an activity card sort focused on the Common Core Standard: 6.EE.A.1 Write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents.

I created this activity for my sixth graders to learn the basics of expressions and exponents. Common misconceptions for exponents are addressed in a conceptual way. Students are able to put together the concepts of exponential form, standard form, and expanded form and show their relationships. This is a new idea as sixth graders are using exponents for the first time. This activity helped my students to build their understanding of expressions to exponential form of a number.

As seen in the picture the card sort activity has students figure out how to start writing with an expression to evaluating the expression, and then changing it into exponential form.

Included in this lesson are:

-one formative assessment (pre-test) task

-card sort activity with concept development of expressions and exponents

-one extension activity for students to deepen their conception of expanded, standard, and exponential forms

-one summative assessment (post-test) task

-answer keys for all the assessments and activities

-how the lesson is tied to common core and mathematical practices

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