Saturday, January 31, 2015

Geometry Plane Sections Activity

With new standards often comes new topics to teach. I had never taught Plane sections before. I created this activity for my students called "Plane Sections". When looking at new standards I always work backwards from the endpoint of the learning process. I wanted my students to know the background of Plane Sections and how this relates to Geometry. This is an important skill for High School Geometry and students in middle school may not know why it matters, but letting my students know that they need this for future mathematics and relating it to real world concepts helped them. Conceptually Geometry can be a fun topic. In addition to the card sort activity I recommend using Play-Doh to replicate the 3-D figures and "cutting" them with a plane. My students love "playing" with manipulatives and Play-Doh is always fun no matter what your age.

This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to describe the two-dimensional figures that result from slicing three-dimensional figures, as in plane sections of right rectangular prisms and right rectangular pyramids.

Included in this lesson are:

-one formative assessment (pre-test) task

-card sort activity with concept development of slicing rectangular prisms and right rectangular pyramids.

-one extension activity for students to deepen their conception of slicing rectangular prisms and right rectangular pyramids.

-one summative assessment (post-test) task

-answer keys for all the assessments and activities

-how the lesson is tied to common core and mathematical practices

CLICK HERE for the activity and assessment tasks.

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