Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Product: Alphabet Printable Worksheets

Today I posted a new product on Teachers Pay Teachers:

Alphabet Printable Worksheets

This packet includes over 200 pages of Alphabet Printable Worksheets. Each worksheet has traceable letters for students to learn how to make letter shapes and practice writing skills.

Included in this packet:
-Over 200 Pages of printable worksheets
-Practice printable worksheets for writing
-Practice printable worksheets for letter recognition
-Letter and word recognition
-Capital and lower case alphabet traceables
-Sentence writing traceables
-Kid friendly text and reading

Goals: These worksheets are intended for students to practice reading and writing skills. Students will learn to read letters and vowels. Students will learn to write their ABCs. Students will learn how to associate the 1st letter of a word to a letter in the alphabet.

Estimated Class time: 5 to 15 minutes per worksheet. Time range will vary.

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